Why study English literature?

This course is holistic and has a historicist approach. No texts are studied in isolation and there are shared contexts across the eight texts you will study. This means that you will be submerged in to love and war, learning to understand the texts their themes and how they have been perceived over time.

Can you draw out patterns of similarity and difference using different reading strategies, engaging with a variety of perspectives?

Can you debate and challenge different interpretations of other readers, whilst forming your own?

What will I learn about?

The course is linear. For A Level, the themes you will study are ‘love across the ages’ and ‘World War One and its aftermath’, as well as texts across time. You will explore a Shakespeare play and modern drama, texts from the 19th century, poetry, and both heritage and contemporary and modern novels. To help you explore the texts thoroughly you will be introduced to critical theories (e.g. Marxism, feminism etc).

How will I be assessed?

  • Examinations
  • Written assessment

Future pathways and careers

  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Media
  • PR and advertising
  • English literature
  • History

Entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English literature.

Examination board