We have high aspirations for our students and high expectations of them too. “Ensuring Excellence” is more than just a strapline. We firmly believe that our students have the potential to excel.

Offering a holistic opportunity for personal and academic development, we enhance every learner’s experience by providing academic excellence along with a bespoke programme of enrichment tailored to every student’s academic, personal and social needs. The centre supports and guides students to ensure ambitions are realised – building upon passion, perseverance, potential, positivity and partnership. All students are offered personalised guidance and support with subject choices and selecting appropriate career pathways.

A wide variety of extracurricular activities are offered and there are numerous activities to develop leadership skills and take on new responsibilities. Universities and employers are not just looking for academic excellence, they also want students who have a wide range of interests.

We expect our students to commit fully to the academic and enrichment programmes that the centre provides and to give their best in everything that they do. These expectations extend to every member of the centre, staff and students alike. We want all our students to fulfil their potential as mature, educated individuals ready to secure a future without limitations.

Retford 6th form finished-11