Our post 16 centre is an inspiring environment, supportive of your academic success and holistic learning experience.

The centre provides a wide range of enrichment opportunities, enabling you to develop the skills essential to moving into employment or higher education.

We offer both technical and vocational courses and an A Level curriculum, ensuring you achieve your goals – whatever they might be.

We support our students to have high aspirations. So, whether you are considering moving into employment, an apprenticeship or higher education, we will help you with your application and provide you with the opportunities to evidence key personal qualities to enhance your CV.

The centre’s more adult environment allows you to develop vital skills required for the working world or study at university. It is unlikely that you will have a full week of lessons – most students have at least three study periods a week where they can work independently on their subjects. Employers and universities may look for evidence of wider experience and a passion for your chosen vocation or subject – we ensure you have the chance to pursue and develop your interests.

A large proportion of our students go on to higher education, with an increasing number also securing higher apprenticeships or employment at the end of their courses. Whatever the chosen career path, it is always a privilege to see so many of our students embarking on their first choice of future at the end of their time with us.